Auditing is more than monitoring: an effective management tool

To CLM, auditing is about much more than just getting out a green pen and wading through the paper trail.

It's about giving you the feedback you need, when you need it, in a timely manner without fuss or disruption. We provide tangible, invaluable feedback that could transform your organisation.

The amicable working relationships we have established with regulators helps us work through any issues you may encounter. We also provide forensic analysis of irregularities or suspected fraud, so you can take immediate action.

On time, no fuss

Whether fulfilling mandatory requirements or putting your business under the microscope, CLM auditors provide comprehensive, accurate, prompt results with minimal disruption to your operations. We'll fully explain the process — including why particular information is required.

Our experienced team explains the auditing process and meets clear deadlines; we work quickly and efficiently leaving you free to continue to run your business to best effect.

Auditing services

Audit of clubs and associations

CLM's audit team can provide the stability and professional advice that community organisations need in order to thrive.

We recognise that committee members and management personnel change but the quality and consistency of our audit reporting and feedback will not.

If your organisation needs assistance preparing budgets, managing cash flow or monitoring performance, our friendly audit team can refer you to one of our in-house experts to ensure your accounting and business improvement needs are taken care of.

Real estate trust account audits

Our audit team has a comprehensive knowledge of the complex requirements of the Agents Financial Administration Act and Regulations.

In working through the audit of your real estate trust account, we will help ensure your organisation complies with legislation. We do this in the most efficient manner possible to minimise disruptions.

Any trust account issues will be promptly brought to your attention and rectified so you don't get any surprises the next time the Office of Fair Trading visits you!

External examination of law practice trust accounts

We can audit your firm's trust accounts and lodge the required annual reports with the Queensland Law Society.

Our team has an in-depth working knowledge of the many detailed obligations imposed by the Legal Profession Act and Regulations.

CLM specialists will work closely with your staff to ensure any trust account administration issues are understood and taken care of correctly. You can also rely on them for prompt, up-to-date answers to any trust account queries.

We will be happy to provide a fixed price quote to assist with your accounts planning.

Report lodgement with Queensland Building and Construction Commission

As the reporting requirements and performance obligations imposed on the construction industry change, the audit team at CLM will help you stay fully informed and appropriately licensed.

We have a strong working relationship with local QBCC compliance officers and understand the importance of timely reporting so your business can continue to operate without licensing delays.

Specialised forensic analysis of suspected fraud cases

If you require investigation or assurance regarding suspected fraud in your organisation, the audit team at CLM can help.

We can provide specialised advice through data collection, analysis and reporting to offer answers surrounding what are often stressful and difficult issues

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